Redemption in Manhattan

1) The Mark of:

a) Immature Man - Die nobly for a cause
b) Mature Man - To live very humbly for one

2) CATCHER IN THE RYE compared to:

a) THIS SIDE OF PARADISE by F. Scott Fitzgerald where love prevails.
b) Huckleberry Finn, Holden, Gatsby, and Don Quixote who are all nobel fools.

3) Idealistic man vs. the real world.

4)There is so much obsenity in life that you have to live with it.

5) Redemption of Holden:

a) Uses Spencer's class to help kids in the museum.
b) He accepts Antolini even after running away.
c) Wants to keep Phoebe home to protect her from reality.
d) He allows the obscenities to stay in museum. hHe realizes that he can't erase all evil.
e) Holden allows Phoebe to grab for the gold ring. He's allowing her to do her own thing and to accept danger.

6) McNamara's opinion is opposite of Moore's. Holden is looking for an idea.

7) Holden doesn't use David Copperfield's "kind of crap." Holden rather would tell about his feelings than his family.

8) When Holden wears his hunting hat he's hunting for real aquaintance rather than just "some game."