Think about...

Who is the enemy?

The theme of images - what people really are as opposed to what they are supposed to be or appear to be and people who are hung up with their images.

Bologna - its function symbolically in the book.

The Syndicate - does it exist or not? Why does it work?

The dirty old man - Nately discussions.

The reoccurring Snowden dream and Orr's escape as the means to Yossarian's Existential awareness.

Analysis of the scene in which Yossarian poses as the dying son of a couple who have come to see their son. (188-191)

The non-existence of Mudd and Doc Daneeka who are not on rosters. How does this work existentially?

What is Catch 22? Examples of Catch 22 throughout the book.

Nately's whore's actions and the reasons for same from the moment Yossarian tells her that Nately is dead.

The gradual evolution of the book from funny to serious.

Analyze McWatt's killing of Kid Sampson. How does it happen? How and why do the people react to the pieces of Kid Sampson flying around? Why does McWatt kill himself?

The function of the hospital in Catch-22.

Discuss the Eternal City chapter and its function in the book.

The absurdity of the world of Catch-22 as indicated through reversal situations.

"Heavy" thoughts of Joseph Heller about things like life and choice as expressed through Yossarian.

How the names of the characters explain the characters.