WHY CATCH-22? Most of us spend our lives feeling manipulated and powerless. Catch-22 follows Yossarian through his trevails as he becomes "existentially awake" and realizes that he alone has the ultimate control of his attitude and thus his life.

Come with us now as we "return to those thrilling days of yesteryear and the adventures of the 'lone soldier,'" armed only with his wit and his education he battles society's heirarchy of rules and regulations, his own basic instincts, and nature itself with fate always in the background dealing herself into the game capriciously and arbitrarily.

Rules vs. Choice and the need for power and control vs.being liked by others are only two of the major themes that you will encounter as you wend your way through the maze of WWII and the adventures of John Yossarian.



Thoughts and Explanations


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