Catcher in the Rye


Holden and Jenny

By Larry Vosovic

Robert Burns' poem Comin' Thro' the Rye.

Burns says, "Jenny's all wet poor body, Jenny's seldom dry." It is Jenny and Holden in a brilliant display of resiliency that keep offering the world a kindness that is seldom returned.

Yet the message of the poem and the novel is that we must go on--go on into forgiveness and offer love in our next relationship without developing the callousness and the reclusiveness that precede anger and revenge.

Is it any wonder that many of our recent assassins were either carrying copies of CATCHER with them when they acted out their vengeance or declared that it was their favorite book.

So how do we teach the young to love unconditionally, forgive and be resilient when met with the realities of the world and its selfishness, greed and self- protectiveness?

Resiliency--is the only answer. The other options are reclusivity or anger--neither is acceptable alternatives. The high self-esteemed person can forgive others and resiliently get back in the race--the human race. It is all we have. We must make good choices and create good memories for ourselves. We are in charge of nothing more than our attitudes and imagination. The hurt--the substance disappears instantaneously--the memories and imagination last forever--and they are under our control.